About Us

M/S DEEKSHA BAGS is an initiation by a group of ladies, aimed for the empowerment of creatively blessed, highly motivated women,

who are versatile in manufacturing different range of products, utilizing eco-friendly raw materials, like jute, cotton, bamboo etc. Some of our special products are Jute/Cotton Bags, Jute Jewellery, Terracotta Jewellery, Presentation Items and Mementos through this project we also aims at the unavoidable, but slow and steady eradication of plastics and its variants for ever. Because we all knew very well about the environmental hazards caused by the excess usage of plastics in our daily life.

We are also creating job opportunities for a group of creative women, who are functioning at small scale units or small home units, encouraging them to take up the challenging market needs with variety of ideas and innovations. Later we assist them to gather their artifacts and bring it up to the open market.

So we set a goal, a difficult but an achievable target, now we expect your co operation and blessings to achieve it.